How Often Should You Be Servicing Your AC Unit?

How Often Should You Be Servicing Your AC Unit?

How Often Should You Be Servicing Your AC Unit? Royal Air recommends a simple program of once every 6 months, that’s it! So little can make so much of a difference.

A/C maintenance can be crucial to life of your unit that provides so much comfort to your home in the summer. Don’t wait for your A/C to stop working before you start to consider getting regular service.

Remember what your home felt like when you first installed your new A/C unit? Remember how fast it would cool your home? Is it now taking longer and longer for your home to cool down? Are you staring to see water leaking in your home? Does it have to be this way? Is your A/C unit dying? Let’s consider what regular A/C maintenance can do for you:

It may not always be at the top of your list of things to do but simple things like changing an A/C filter can make a world of difference, your HVAC unit has to breathe just like you do. Having a clogged filter can choke your unit making your outside condenser work harder to supply cool air to your home. Even worse your now probably breathing in more dust than you know. If your a new home owner and your not sure when the previous residents might have last changed a filter and your unit is still not cooling, then you could grime buildup in your indoor coil which to say the least will likely cause allergies and over little time choke the inside and outside A/C unit. waiting on this type of an issue is avoidable with regular maintenance to monitor the quality of your air cycling.

If your unit takes forever to finally cool your home, this could be costing you more than you need to spend on your electric bill! Simple maintenance will give you access to outdoor coil acid treatment, which keeps your outside condenser clean, able to breathe and running like new. Another possible cause could be as simple as adding a little more Freon gas to properly charge your unit with the capacity it needs to cool your home faster and more efficiently, leaving you with a significantly lower electric bill. If you have more questions about Royal Air A/C maintenance services feel free to call us with your questions and concerns about your residential A/C

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