Licensed and Insured HVAC Services

Licensed and Insured HVAC Services

Royal Air AC and Heating Lic. #TACL56702E


It’s not always right to simply select the first web result in a Google search, make sure they are licensed and insured to provide the service you searched for. HVAC services come with a high level of professionalism and competence.

Less Expensive Could Cost more Than You Think

Unqualified services, a person who shows up to offer repair services that is not licensed or insured does not carry the overhead or consideration of “What could go wrong?” since they are not liable for any damage incurred by service rendered with your approval.

Water Damage

“What Could Go Wrong?”

Some of the simplest errors can cause great levels damage, for example your furnace or air handler has a primary pan that can on occasion become clogged. Clearing a drain sounds like a simple task that most HVAC technicians can handle. Resealing the pipe however is where many don’t get it right, which could lead to water absorption in your ceiling until and eventually leading to a collapse!

Burned HVAC Motor

“What Else Could Go Wrong?”

Some things are just to common to think about, changing a fan motor is another job that sounds simple enough, but what happens if the fan blade spins in the opposite direction? There are 2 possible answers 1) the fan will never exhaust enough heat from your home and eventually burn itself and then you’ll need another motor 2) The motor may not only die but in higher temperatures, but the consequence could be that fan motor catches fire, leading to more severe damage to your home.

Carpet Damage

This Is Not A Scare Tactic

We have actually seen these incidents happen in the field and as a professional courtesy we will leave some of our competitors not mentioned.