Air Conditioning Installation

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  • Location: Arlington, TX
  • Service: AC Installation
Air Conditioning installation in Arlington is our backyard, so if you need an HVAC unit professionally installed, we’re probably next door or not far away! Royal Air offers fast A/C installation service in your area. We can commonly schedule installation of your new A/C unit within 3-5 days and likely complete installation with same day service! We do our best to accommodate your schedule, our service techs are available at various hours of the day or night, so you know we’ll make it work.
Did you know we offer affordable A/C maintenance services also, don’t wait for your HVAC unit to break down! Waiting for your A/C unit to break down is probably the most expensive method of repair and not to mention could possibly cause permanent damage to your costly HVAC system. Contact us today to schedule regular checkups every 6 months   or
call  817-717-5353

Each summer we service hundreds of A/C units in and outside of Arlington and the greatest regret of most home owners is not having their HVAC unit serviced sooner, regular maintenance can save you the headache of not having A/C when you need it most. The summer is a hot place in Texas so don’t get caught waiting for repairs. Schedule service before you start sweating!