Thank You Royal !!! This Company was dispatched to me through the Home Warranty and they did a great job. My a/c went out over a week ago. Initially, the H/W Co. assigned us a different a/c repair Co., and I’ll be nice enough not to name them, who could NEVER seem to get their scheduled appointment right, after I’d taken off work several times to accomodate their scheduling debacles.

I asked my H/W people to assign me a different Repair Co. and they said Royal w/be there by 10 the next morning.

Royal showed up at 9:10 am & they were out of my house by 9:25 am. My a/c was up and running. If I need a/c or heating service again, I’ll ask my H/W people for Royal. They accomplished in 15 minutes what I waited for with the other guys for over a week.

Pamela Williams