AC Maintenance And Home Warranty

Heating Maintenance
Heating units are not very different from an AC system and if you have a central AC and heating system, then the two are inseparable and can not be maintained without the other. You wouldn’t drive your car without changing the oil or replacing coolant….right? So much can be saved by having regular maintenance check ups. Royal AC and Heating wants to spare you the headache of waiting for something to seriously be wrong and it is totally avoidable in most cases. Gas furnaces if not regularly maintained and in some cases replaced can even be a hazard to your home, so don’t take chances!
Air Conditioning Maintenance
  Unless you do a proper yearly maintenance for all of your AC units, indoors and outdoors – bad  consequences are inevitable. Overall we provide air conditioning services such as repairs, maintenance, replacements and installations. So many things can be solved with just a quick visit from us and service calls provided by Royal AC are affordable. We check filters, test for Freon gas leaks, monitor humidity vs. pressure levels, replace old capacitors and various electrical components of your HVAC system among many other common maintenance services. Save yourself the time, expense and inconvenience of waiting for a serious breakdown and waiting for a tech to be available when you need your AC the most.
Home Warranty And AC Insurance
  We understand that having to contact your home warranty may not always be the most convenient way to get a repair completed in a timely manner, Royal AC and Heating is a home warranty favorite! we’ve earned the respect of the insurance companies and we are likely to be the first choice company dispatched by your insurance or home warranty service. However it doesn’t hurt to request us from your agent.  
Do I have a choice who will service my home?

In fact you do have a choice of who will service your A/C so remember the name Royal Air the next time you contact your home warranty.

HVAC Home Warranty

Have you read your policy? Do you know what is covered by your provider? Check out the link below to find out what “First American Home Warranty” is offering.

We also offer AC services and repair on behalf of “Home Warranty of America” read the link to find out more about the ploicy you may already have or might be considering for purchase.