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AC Water Leaks
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AC Water Damage

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AC Water Leaks and Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can lead to serious damage to your home!

looking for the signs…

Does your AC turn off and on intermittently?

This is usually of a sign of an HVAC unit that is freezing. Changing your filters regularly is the first line of preventative maintenance. It can prevent Coils from getting dirty enough to be choked and collecting condensation.

Is water Leaking From The Outside of your Home?

When you see water leaking from the pipe outside of you home. This could usually mean that your drain is clogged.
Routine maintenance can easily prevent the consequence of not maintaining your HVAC system, Since the next place the water has to go is overflowing the drain pan.

Allowing your leak to persist will lead to possible damage of your ceiling and eventually bringing down the ceiling. Unfortunately the condensation is not clean water, It will stain your carpet, leading to more costs for repair.
Don’t wait for the all these damages to impose a hefty repair

Do You Have A Home Warranty Provider?

Many home warranty providers are likely to cover clogged drains and AC leaks.
If your service provider does not cover this or can’t service you fast enough…
Don’t go through the run-around of home warranty.

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