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AC troubleshooting

is an important part of what we do, having your HVAC system diagnosed by anyone else is just not good enough!

Improper diagnostics of your AC system can be highly costly or simply time consuming. Royal Air offers AC services to a wide service area in and around Arlington, TX and we don’t have time to waste or want you to endure the heat any longer than you have to. Finding the problem is more than half of the problem, we can commonly troubleshoot your ac system in under 30 minutes!

Questions we might ask at the door or on the phone:

  1. When did your AC stop working?
  2. Does the inside fan turn on?
  3. Does the outside fan turn on?
  4. Have you replaced the filter?
  5. How long ago was this unit serviced?

These simple questions can tell your technician a lot about what’s going on with your AC system and spare much of the troubleshooting process.

Currently the first hour of service is being waived! So why not have your system diagnosed by caring professionals that want to solve all your HVAC problems.

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