Blower Motor Maintenance

Blower Motor Maintenance

Like anything, over time your blower motor is the motor that works all year round circulating heat or cool throughout your home and over time it will collect dust, hair, moisture and other various debris.

without proper maintenance, the debris will flow through your home, through your vents and through your lungs!

An important service during any season

Don’t let your motor poison your home! We extract and professionally treat, clean and reinstall blower motors and blower motor housing. This service truly speaks for itself. Don’t wait for family members or tenants to get sick from the air being blown through the vents.

Don’t wait until your motor looks like this!

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Blower Motor Replacement

Blower motor replacement is sometimes the only choice, if your motor needs replacement, you’ll want a quality motor to replace your old one.

We only use quality parts that last! Using quality motors is crucial to making sure you won’t be replacing a motor any time soon after we’re done putting a new one in. Our American motors have a low MFD rating and low Amperage rating to gain maximum power efficiency.

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