Ramzi Ghanim Field Tech.

Ramzi Ghanim Field Tech.

Field Tech.

I’m Ramzi, a Royal Air trained field technician, I was trained by Sammy and graduated from Lindsey Cooper HVAC School in Irving. I really like solving problems and enjoy knowing that I have solved HVAC problems in a timely manner especially when people need it most. The weather here is not like other places I have been, the heat can be intense and an hour later it might be raining. I can totally see why it’s equally important for the AC and the Heating to be working properly here!

With that said I can relate to the frustration of our clients who are in need of immediate service.

Working for Royal AC is great I’m allowed to arrange my own calls by order of priority and get to who needs me the most. If your in need of HVAC services¬†contact us¬†and find out for yourself just how effective Royal Air can be.

I intend to continue living up to the expectations of our clients and Royal Air.