Sammy Bayazeed HVAC Specialist

Sammy Bayazeed HVAC Specialist


My name is Sammy, I have been in the HVAC business for over 10 years providing quality service.

I started by being a tool carrier for the AC techs at the previous company I worked for, over time my ambitions grew and I couldn’t wait to be an HVAC tech.

I graduated and received all credentials required to perform HVAC services, this made my salary increase. Again time passed on and I became ambitious again and sought out my contractors license.

I finally reached my limitations working for other companies, I found limitations that are unacceptable, my goal is to provide quality work in a reasonable amount of time and reasonable cost to you…my clients.

Quality service can not be limited by company policy, I named my company “Royal Air” because that’s how our clients should be treated….like royalty and that my friends is my policy!

It has been some time since these doors opened and I am proud to say that we have now served hundreds of clients in need of quality AC and HVAC services.

I am ready to solve your A/C and Heating problems punctually, quickly and affordably.

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